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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it's you. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. oscar mawe went back toig the drawing board... and the cutting board. we removed the added nitrates and nitrites, by-products, and artificial preservatives in all of our meat. every. single. one. why? for the love of hot dogs. starts with turkey covered in a rich flavorful gravy,e and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside... it's good food anod company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor. a good sunday to you. i'm richard lui in new york. reaction to the president's first foreign trip coming in swift today with major consequences. a possible realignment of
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decades old u.s./european working relationships. angela merkel saying that germany can no longer, quote, completely depend on the u.s. quote, i have experienced that in the last few days end quote. newly elected french president emmanuel macron also admitting his hard hand shake that you were seeing in this video with the president was no accident. calling it a moment of truth. a sign he will not make concessi concessions. president trump touted his trip as a big success during a sunday morning tweet storm. as the fallout from allies intensifies so does scrutiny at home. his son-in-law, jared kushner's alleged request for a secret back channel to the russians. undisclosed contacts with them, and controversy over the president's steep budget cuts and the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare.
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all of that. the president responded to the pressure by reportedly setting up a war room inside the white house to combat the russia probe amid reports of a staff shakeup. all that happening and nbc's mike vickara will put it together for us. are we hearing anything based on the developments now that he's on the ground for his first full day? >> for nine days we heard relatively little from president trump. he had no press conference, we saw him occasionally at photo-ops to europe and to the g7, to the nato summit as well. just a few sort of inoks you at least for him, tweets on his account. 9:00 last year, wheels down at joint air force base andrews and this morning here comes the tweets. a major tweet storm as he comes into the swirl of controversy. the latest of course which is his son in law, and staffer,
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jared kushner. some of the tweets from president trump this morning, his favorite themes. fake news. it is my opinion that many of the leaks coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media. whenever you see sources say and they don't mention names it is very possible that those sources don't exist. but are made up by fake news writers. fake news is the enemy. this not with standing the fact that president trump has promised an investigation into many of the leaks that have been the sources for the news stories in "the washington post," "the new york times" and of course nbc news. lindsey graham of course the outspoken republican senator from south carolina was on the sunday shows today. he expressed a great deal of skepticism about this latest controversy involving jared kushner. >> we're chasing our tails as a nation when it comes to the russians. i don't know who leaked this supposed conversation. but just think about it this way. you have got the ambassador to russia reporting back to moscow on an open channel, hey, jared
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kushner's going to move into the embassy. i don't trust this story as far as i can throw it. >> so you're talking about a war room bringing the band back together. some of the hard nosed political operatives, reports like corey lewandowski coming back. and david bassey and steve bannon who is already in the west wing. >> thank you so much for that. reaction to the latest reports about trump's team and their alleged ties dominated the sunday talk shows. take a listen. >> mr. president -- to the russians? >> i know jared, he's a great guy. >> as i understand it, jared kushner's more than glad to talk about all of these things.
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>> if an american intelligence officer had done anything like this, we consider it's page in. >> that's all nonsense. it is really -- it's witch-hunt. it's really insane. >> joining us now is alan smith, politics writer, a former fbi double agent and a white house correspondent for nbc ali, i'll start with you on this. based on the sunday sound that we were just playing, it's going down on political lines here. and up to this point we did see some of those moderate republican senators saying, let's wait and get the details. we're not hearing that today. >> no, look, i think that from a white house perspective any time there's news about jared kushner there is this push to kind of batten down the happens. he's a trump family member. he does wield a lot of power in this white house and during the campaign he was someone largely untouchable in terms of the advice he was giving and the way that the president listened to
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him. and that's the same right now. he's very -- someone with a lot of power in the white house. i think that this investigation while politically inconvenient and could turn up more than that, i think the white usis into largely continue to depend him. this is coming down along partisan lines. you have someone like bob corker who is saying, well, he offered to tell us what he knows and they're still telling us that's the case so i think the white house will try to push that, look, he's someone who's willing to be open about this. i think that's the positive pr push they're looking at as opposed to you know the larger problem that someone so close to the president could have been dock all of -- doing all of these other things with russia. >> is this the drum beat we expect to hear moving forward, will this move into the committees that are undertaking investigations for -- four of them right now, where they're not going to accept this reporting which has been very much at least from what we understand investigated for months on end. >> yes, absolutely. i mean, we can expect that the
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jared kushner stuff is going to dominate some of these hearings in the coming weeks and months and we knew before a lot of the stuff exploded in the mainstream that the senate intelligence committee was requesting documents from jared kushner. this something that was going on for a long time before. and we can already tell based on some of the trump tweets this morning as the first time he had gotten back, he's painting it as some of the sources might be totally ill legitimate. and fake news could be making up the narrative which is kind of out there. but, you know we kw how he's going to be handling this. we have seen the white house and the republican response a lot of this. it seems so far to be like, well, you know, it's not that abnormal to be opening up such back channels. so we sort of see how this is going to play out on partisan lines. >> it was moving more neutral. could be moving more partisan as we -- as they come back from their break. naveed, some of the explanations
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behind us that have been put out there is that potentially this could have been russian officials understanding that the united states and our intelligence infrastructure, that they're listening and that we're listening and therefore this was put out there and now it's out there because it's causing a bit of an uproar in the united states. in other words, russia is doing this knowing this would happen? >> absolutely. i mean, in regards to the sort of explanations that for kushner doing this, i mean, it does and make sense, richard. that's the short of it. if you take the law enforcement's criminality part of this aside for a ementd moe and focus o -- for a moment and look at the indications and the warnings which is a fancy way of saying you're looking for patterns. this is simply deception. when someone certainly omits something, one can be an honest mistake. but once you have two or three, you have a tangible velocity of someone trying to hide a pattern here.
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as a counterintelligence officer that raises bright red flags. look, it would draw the counterintelligence or security officer to know this person is is an agent of a foreign country. i don't know what the prosecuten't of this is, but nonetheless from the counterintelligence standpoint this does not look good for jared kushner. >> back to the white house. ali first full day for the president, right? what is sort of the energy level you're seeing? >> i think that this white house was feeling really good coming off of the foreign trip. i know that one of the pieces that i just posted to today was that they're really calling it a win. they needed one because they were in the midst of a bunch of controversies here back in d.c. we have been covering and everyone has been covering it. i think this trip gave them a break from that and an ability to say, hey, look, we can go and take this america first message on to the foreign stage and make it work. we can tell people in saudi arabia that we want to lead a coalition against extremism, we can make our message to nato.
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although it's awkward and inconvenient to say we want to pay more, but some republicans in washington have said, well, that's a message that people have been pushing behind the scenes for quite some time. at least trump is saying it publicly and maybe they'll be able to listen. we think there's a happiness and a successful feeling around this foreign trip from the white house and some of the people in the republican party. i think that's something that the white house will want to ride even as it continues to deal with all of these different controversies that really is a drip drip drip that we have been seeing over the course of the past few weeks. >> alan, how is this translating to the investigations on the hill? there are staffers still in the city working hard, maybe not now, but in the coming week. >> yeah. president trump's trip overseas gave a break from some of the stuff going on. we'll see a lot more of it as we go forward here with president trump back in the states. but the jared kushner revelations on friday, i mean, as we are seeing this drip drip drip out in the press it's really put a lot of pressure on a lot of the investigations to move quickly. we have robert mueller now as a
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special counselor overseeing the russian investigation. from what i can gather it will being going slow from his end, but with the drip drip it's putting pressure on this. >> james clapper is saying, warning light, how do you react? >> he's right. very quickly what the russians did leading up to the election, the assumption was that january 20th it stopped. if in fact jared kushner does have these connections to russia what i can tell you it hasn't stopped, it's still ongoing. that is -- boy, that is nothing short but breathless. >> he said a lot by saying that. thank you so much. happening w,e're watching this story. a shooting spree in mississippi. it's left eight people dead including a sheriff's deputy. people were shot dead oversight. that suspect is willie corey godbolt admitted to the shooting after being arrested.
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his intention he said was suicide by cop. >> he was just there. >> you're saying he was collateral damage? >> i was talking about taking my kids and i was having a conversation with her stepdad did and mama and her. my wife. about me taking my children home and someone called the officers. people that didn't even live at the house. but that's what they do. they intervene. it cost him his life, i'm sorry. suicide by cop was my intention. i ain't fit to live. >> joining us by phone the reporter who captured that dramatic arrest video. from the clarion ledger, and what was the scene like? this is very uncommon that we would necessarily have this sort of back and forth that you were able to obtain. >> sure. well, part of it was because i basically i had been standing
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there at the other scene, the one on lee road where four people were killed includi the deputy when i heard all of the offirs' radios say the suspect is at a residence at 312 east lincoln drive and he has opened fire. so i got in my car and was not obviously able to drive as fast as law enforcement was, but i got there as i had heard at one point that the suspect had gotten loose on foot. and as i turned on to east lincoln road i saw several law enforcement officers with a man on the ground. >> as you talked to him on the ground, he said he wanted death by cop. i mean, tell us what else he said that might give us an understanding of what was going through his mind when he did this, when that officer was killed. >> it was very surreal because he at one point everything had gotten kind of quiet. he looked over at me and he said, are you a police officer too, i said, no, i'm the media. we sat there and stared each other for a second, and i said,
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do you want to tell me why you did all of this? he said he loved his wife and his kids, he loved the community he's from. that basically he tried to it as it says in the audio that you have, he tried to talk to his wife about taking the kids somewhere and by the end of it someone called the police and that's what started everything. but the thing that i found interesting is his father was a police officer who was killed in a a a homicide. i said you know what it's like to have a dad in law enforcement who was killed, what about that deputy's family too? and that was when he said, you know, he was just in the way. and he responded and he paid for it with his life or how ever he worded that. then he said i'm sorry multiple times. but very much when i asked about the family, heal also -- he said they can find comfort in god. and you know, he apologized. but he very much directed them back towards faith as their solace.
1:15 pm
>> as you understand -- >> sounded very odd. >> as you know, from these sorts of stories finding the sense in such difficult situations is always tough. but great get there in terms of that interview. terez appel from the clarion ledger who interviewed that suspect on screen right now. thanks. coming up the latest on the investigation into the manchester terror attack as police raids continue on this day. we're also learning more about the suspect in the deadly stabbing attack on the commuter train in portland, oregon, that left two men dead just ahead. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love.
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there you saw a brief moment of silence in honor of the victims killed in monday's
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suicide bombing in manchester. thousands of runners taking to the streets for the annual great manchester run. participants and speculators alike trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy after that tragedy this week. meanwhile, raids continue, police arrested a 25-year-old man earlier today, bringing the total number in custody related to monday's terror attack, that's 12. a brutal stabbing attack in portland, oregon, that leaves two men who are hailed as heroes dead on a commuter train. according to authorities, racist rants were used by the suspect. it left members of the community which prides itself on tolerance stun and bewildered. here is nbc's steve patterson with more. >> reporter: a hate fueled tirade ending with two brutal deaths. >> one was stabbed in the neck. >> reporter: portland police say three men were stabbed by a
1:20 pm
manueling ethnic and religious slurs. >> i was so scared. he was saying something about america. this is a free country. >> reporter: police say the suspect identified as 35-year-old jeremy christian harassed two girls, one wearing a hijab. >> two younger girls believed to be muslim. >> reporter: two people who came to the girls' defense were stabbed to death, ricky best and meshy's mother posted he will remain a hero on the other side of the veil. >> it's horrific. >> reporter: this video shows the confrontation with the police before the arrest. christian has an extensive criminal past including kidnapping, armed robbery and he has a history of hate speech. on the facebook page, he praises timothy mcveigh calling him a true patriot.
1:21 pm
just last month, christian was at a free speech rally armed with a baseball bat and apparently giving nazi salutes. >> i'm not here to join anyone. i'm here to be heard. this is a freedom of speech rally. >> reporter: the portland attacks came on the first day of the muslim holy month, ramadan. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: a muslim leader says that portland is a tolerant city of 50,000 muslims not used to this level of hate >> two people lost their lives and two families have an empty seat at the dinner table. >> reporter: christian was booked on aggravated murder and attempted murder and being held without bail. >> let's bring in former homeland securitier mike -- security adviser mike balboni. many will say why wasn't he stopped before based on the reports? >> because it's the right of free speech. it's his right to say the most
1:22 pm
outrageous things that he believes in. you know, if you look at the fbi hate crimes statistics report that's been kept for the last 25 years what you will see is there is an increase in some of the bias related crime. but much of it is certainly based around race. dylann roof in the attack in 2014. you have seen religious based increases. but mostly of it being anti-semitic. here you have a specific act against two women who were muslim. what you see from the guy's background, he was full of hatred and probably, you know, really not in his right mind to do the things. so horrific he attacked randomly though. >> that's right. proven again going forward absolutely based on what you're saying. once you get on the radar, is there an increased tracking? does anything happen -- do you get on the domestic terrorism or a hate crime list? >> so it really depends upon what type of circumstances are presented ahead of time. this guy had a crimil record prior to this.
1:23 pm
so he was known to local officials, but again that doesn't mean he's going to go and do some violent act. you know, that's the greatest challenge. you can have the best database in the world, you can have the best statistics in the word but to actually predict when someone will do a violent act this random, at a train station without any warning it's so incredibly difficult. to think that we could as a society track these individuals everyone who's got a violent criminal past and just in case they might do something is just not realistic. we don't have the resources and from a -- frankly that's not allowed in the law. we talk about preventative detention. these bills are hard to get through because of all the civil rights of individuals. >> one of the numbers we're watching, southern poverty law center and the islamic -- or the council on the islamic law organization, they blame this rise on the rhetoric coming out of washington, d.c. so how do you put this all together? >> so if you take a look from
1:24 pm
2014 to 2015 you actually see a 67% rise according to fbi report. in anti-muslim hate crime incidents. and there was a reported surge right after the last election that lasted perhaps, you know, a month or two. you have seen that spike. but to say that it's really just the words out of washington, d.c. that causes this individual to commit this type of violence randomly i think that's probably a stretch too far. words do matter. and it does matter what the leadership says. but at the same time, you know, to have this guy go out there and do this kind of brutality randomly it's just -- you know, beyond the pale and comprehension. >> thank you, sir. the race for governor in new jersey. it's about to reach a turning point with the primary just a little more than a week away. we'll tell you how former vice president biden is getting
1:25 pm
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welcome back. i'm richard lui at the bottom of the hour. president trump is back at the white house with a growing to do list. he still has to choose a new fbi director. he has to decide whether the u.s. will remain in the landmark paris climate accord. he also has to decide with issues and reports regarding his son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner, who allegedly tried to set up a secret back channel between the trump campaign and the russians. police in mississippi have a 35-year-old suspect in custody they believe he is responsible for a shooting spree that left eight people dead including a lincoln county sheriff's deputy. on the eve of memorial day, nearly 1,000 volunteers placed roses on graves at arlington cemetery today. tomorrow president trump is expected to deliver an address at arlington national cemetery. you can watch live coverage right here on nbc, 11:30 eastern
1:29 pm
time. former vice president joe biden has just wrapped up a rally for democratic front-runner phil murphy. biden confronted some issues that he believes the democratic party forgot in the presidential election. >> because of the negative campaign of trump, how much do we hear about that guy making $50,000 on the assembly line, his wife making $28,000 as a hostess, two kids, living in the metropolitan area and they can hardly make it? when's the last time you heard us talk about thospeople? >>the voters will make their choices on who will battle to succeed governor chris christie in the state. my colleague, von hilliard is in new jersey for that speech. let's go to the quinnipiac poll that has murphy beating kim guadag guadagno, 50 to 25%. how did the message resonate coming from the former vice president? >> richard, i think that that
1:30 pm
sound bite you just played from joe biden was exactly the point i think that joe biden is trying to set up. the question for the democratic party. he said, when was the last time us, the democratic party, reached out to those voters, those people that ultimately put donald trump over the edge in november? and to give you an idea, this is in new jersey. phil murphy he was a former u.s. ambassador to germany. worked for goldman sachs, former finance chair for d.c. he is running here in new jersey where hillary clinton won by 14 points last november. to give you an idea, chris christie won the re-election bid by 22%. s these are voters in talking to them, i talked to dozens of them outside. i asked them why phil murphy, why are you here? overwhelmingly you heard, education, infrastructure. what you never heard was russia. here's a little bit of sound. >> a great deal has to do with donald trump and chris christie but we need to move forward and i think murphy is the one to
1:31 pm
take us there. >> not much donald, but chris christie from 2010, unfortunately he really despised teachers as we would say. >> these are the sentiments you hear. these are the sentiments you hear in montana, georgia. a lot of it comes down to the local issues, state issues. chris christie, taxes, i talked to -- not only was she a trump voter in november and a christie voter and she wants murphy to win over the lieutenant governor because it comes down to the education and the infrastructure, promises that christie didn't fulfill over the last four years which is what biden is trying to set up for the democratic party and for phil murphy going forward. >> local, local, local. we appreciate your reporting. a closer look at the proposed budget, who wins and loses. derek hiller in will join us.
1:32 pm
and weather is threatening many areas with heavy rain, wind and hail. let's go to bonnie schneider. >> we are watching at a brand-new thunderstorm watch over texas so the weather is getting active. not as bad as what we saw yesterday but we are seeing volatility right in advance of the cold front. so all the way from texas to ohio today, watch out for storms. for memorial day, this energy is pushing eastward. so that means we'll see the storm threat a little bit further along the coast line and even up towards the north east. but the area of entration, memorial day, 18 million people are at risk for dangerous and severe weather. are you driving on memorial day? these are the highways to be concerned with that you may have problems with scattered showers and poor visibility. boston to richmond, including new york, and down through the southeast, charlotte to montgomery. richard? >> all right, thank you so much, bonnie. we'll take a short break. uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath?
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president trump released his
1:36 pm
first budget proposal this week. and it's facing some criticism from both sides of the political aisle. >> the trump budget takes a sledgehammer to the middle class and to working class americans. >> the president's budget is it dead on arrival? >> yes. >> on one hand the budget would increase defense spending by 10%. on the other hand, programs focused on the art, science and research and social welfare would see major cuts. joining us now is congressman kilmer, a member of the house appropriations committee. representative, thanks for being with us. what might be one of the fixes that you would suggest to the budget to make it palatable for both sides? >> well, it's going to take a lot. what's clear from this budget is that the president doesn't know the people i represent. if he did, he wouldn't have made some of the proposed cuts. if he met with a student at tacoma community college, they'd know they're dealing with
1:37 pm
financial debt and cuts to financial aid do not work for them. if he met with a homeowner out on westport who has seen the ocean encroach on his property, he wouldn't eliminate all funding for coastal resiliency. if he met with any of the families who are grappling with alzheimer's or cancer who are counting on a medical miracle he wouldn't have cut the national institutes of health. if he had stood in the living room of a man in bremerton, washington, in my district for whom meals on wheels provides him with occasional only companionship, he wouldn't have pulled the rug out from those people like that. it has a lot of problems. >> it sounds like you're saying don't koutd those items but what do you think would be more middle of the road that you would agree with that those on the other side of the aisle might agree with along with you? >> well, listen, i think there's a lot of opportunities as we navigate the budget. you just saw last month democrats and republicans in congress come together on a
1:38 pm
fiscal year '17 spending package that certainly wasn'everything that everybody wanted, but showed the type of compromise that i think a lot of americans are clamoring for. that's not what this budget does. this budget is something that you have seen both democrats and republicans criticize because it's unserious. it's irresponsible. >> so is there anything specific though that you would focus on here that you would ask for to be put into the budget? >> well, how long do you have? >> well, we've got another 60 to 120 seconds. give me one idea, please. >> sure. well, i'll give you a couple. you have seen democrats and republicans raise concerns about the cuts to the state department. just as an example. at a time where we have complex situations around the globe to pull the rug out from under our diplomatic efforts and foreign
1:39 pm
assistance is an example of how unserious this budget is. you have seen secretary matt dissay you'll need a lot more ammunition. i represent a district where the largest employer is the military and they want to see us avoid military action. you know, so it is one thing to make sure that we're providing the equipment and training that our as much as members need -- our service members need. but some of the mindless cut - >> what about defense spending? how about that, defense spending, he's suggesting 10%. might you say 5%. would that be the compromise there? >> well, i think you have seen democrats and republicans myself among them say that there is a need for some targeted investments to make sure the men and women who serve this country able to keep us safe. who are able to make sure they're getting the training and the equipment that they need to keep our country safe. i think that is an area you could see democrats and republicans come together on.
1:40 pm
but the problem -- i guess the number one problem that the president's budget takes is he says, let's plus up defense spending and rather than doing it in the responsible way he takes an absolute hammer to nondefense discretionary spending. it means that young people are going to see less funding for education. it means that a number of the social safety net programs that make sure that vulnerable people are taken care of simply go away. i think that is not a responsible or serious approach to budgeting. >> thank you so much, congressman kilmer. i appreciate it. >> you bet. great to be with you. from president trump's domestic agenda to the foreign policy now, trump calling his just completed overseas trip a great success. but at least one world leader might disagree. we'll dive into that next.
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1:44 pm
he ended the first foreign trip as president, mr. trump faces a jab from angela merkel. she said that europeans must take our destiny into our hands, suggesting that the era of relying on others may be over. the president is being coy about the paris climate accord. he'll announce this week if he'll keep the u.s. in the pact which pledges to cut green house gases. james mattis suggested that the president has not made up his mind. >> i was sitting in on the discussions in brussels, by the way, where climate change came up. the president u.s. with open, what i was curious about why others were in the position they were in. his counterparts in other nations. i'm quite certain the president is wide open on this issue as he takes in the pros and cs of that accord. >> the u.s. is responsible for
1:45 pm
pore what nan one-fifth of obal emissions. breaking away could put up to 3 billion tons of additional carbon dioxide i believe to the air each year. if the united states bails out, other nations could follow. with me now, msnbc contributor steve clemons. steve, let's start with angela merkel's comments. are you surprised by this? she is saying this out loud. >> well, i'm not surprised but we do need to note that angela merkel of all of europe's leaders is probably the least flamboyant, the least likely to make reckless comments. she said this because this is something she feels deeply and is articulating it to send a shot across the bow, to the trump administration and warning it it is now viewing the united states as an unreliable ally. this is a profound moment. i'm not surprised in the sense that when you and i were at the brussels forum the cynicism
1:46 pm
about the united states was palpatab palpatable. but there was a sense of hope that america would stand with allies, that it wouldn't recklessly pull out of the paris climate change accords and now these things are happening and you are seeing shock and dismay among europe's leaders. >> so it solidifies or confirms after this president's trip through europe those concerns that were voiced over the past several months that you're saying here, steve. what does this mean economically? what does this mean politically? >> i think it means we're in a new phase. unless president trump snaps back into a sane track, i have great respect for people like jim mattis and general kelly, secretary of homeland security and hr mcmaster, but they're co-oped in the notion that they have talk about the reckless decisions that are tied to global public goods that we with
1:47 pm
other allies, even china and russia have been part of the accords. for us to pull out assures down the road when we need support from the other nations they won't be there for us. so when we begin thinking of trade and other broad transnational challenges in the world the united states is shrinking in power and leverage. it is becoming a smaller nation day by days because we'll have less leverage across the world. >> part of that one linchpin would be the paris climate accord which was seminal at that time when it was accomplished. the president saying he'll make a decision this coming week. what do you think he's going to say? >> well, i don't know which way he'll go. i see the axios reporting that he wants to pull out of the accord. it would be a test if he doesn't whether or not his closest advisers who have a more sophisticated understanding of
1:48 pm
the strategic map and the world and what america loses, not only loses in terms of climate policy but loses in terms of all of the other levers that we want coordination and help on in the world. that even goes into things like fighting terrorism. stabilizing the global economy. doing trade deals that benefit working americans. all of that stuff if he is advised to stay in the paris deal, the paris accord, i think there's some hope that we're beginning to see his advisers have a level of influence over him. if he pulls out of the accord, then we have to look at the mattiss, the kellys and the mcmasters and realize they don't have any influence on this guy. donald trump is himself and he's harming the direction of the united states. >> the numbers didn't look good for donald trump going into the european trip. are things better off in terms of perception of the united states and donald trump before or after this trip? quickly, if you can, steve. >> i think they're worse, but i
1:49 pm
think it's mixed. i interviewed the poland and hungy, they'reaid they're fine with donald trump and the czechsndlovaks were much more doubtful i suppose. so i think when you look broadly we have gone down. >> steve, my friend. thank you so much. steve clemons. have a good one. up next on this memorial day weekend, chinese american world war ii vets often forgotten by history can be in line for a much delayed and long honor. and then the story of a group dedicated to the true meaning of memorial day. break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one.
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pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e
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the safest energy company in the nation. the greatest generation. world war ii veterans. tomorrow on memorial day, 15.5 million who died will be remembered. included, a small little known group, world war ii vets of chinese descent. >> i saw the japanese bomb pearl
1:53 pm
harbor without any notice. i guess i got patriotic or something. i don't know. two week after that, i want to enroll into united states army to help try to help fight the swr japanese. >> jack long is 1 of 13,000 chinese-americans who served in the army in world war ii says project sector of the veterans recognitioproject. the number of cnese-american world war ii vets from the other armed services will be counted by the project next. but counting can be tough. as described in a documentary produced by cheng. >> when the u.s. entered world war ii, the chinese exclusion act was still in effect. however, chinese men, both american citizens and immigrants, began to enlist. >> that law discriminated against those of chinese descent. nevertheless, they still fought
1:54 pm
for america. but not without difficulty. here's veteran, danny, who was refused service at a cafe while he was out with his army unit. this month during asian-pacific american heritage month, a bill to honor those chinese-american veterans who served in world war ii was introduced in congress. if it passes, these veterans, dead or alive, will receive congressional gold medals. you can find more on this story online at nbc asian america. well, as americans gather this weekend to honor those who bore the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom, there is a movement to help ensure america never forgets its fallen soldiers and they're doing it in one step at time.
1:55 pm
he's nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: one foot in front of the other on a march of remembrance. former army captain glen dare carries the names of fallen friends on his fully loaded pack. >> it makes you wonder why did i get to come back? so my purpose now is to try to carry their mission on. >> reporter: he walks with others for a veterans support group called carry the load which organizes marches nationwide to raise awareness of the true meaning of memorial day. >> it's not just one day a year we think about them or honor them, we think about them all the time. >> reporter: one of the names he carries is of faearmy major stet wolfer, killed in iraq in 2008. wolfer's family saw this photo of dare last year. in an ad for r carry the load posted at a local bank. >> i burst into tears. it was mind-boggling. >> reporter: the charity put them in touch with one another. and this year, the wolfers
1:56 pm
joined the march. >> it perpetuates and allows my brother's memory and his life and service not to have died along with him. >> reporter: dare started his leg of the cross-country trek in boston. and when we met up with him in new york, he had walked 20 hours through the night from westpoint. at ground zero, the group is met by first responders. they also know the meaning of loss. how significant is it for you to carry these names on your back when you come to this hallowed place? >> i don't know if many of them came here, but it's probably the reason they joined the military. >> reporter: the father of a fallen soldier understanding and healing. >> it's our turn to serve, to help the troops. >> we are the memorykeepers. >> reporter: walking the walk so a nation never forgets. kevin tibbles, nbc news, new york. >> and that wraps up this hour here on msnbc. i'm richard lui. stay with us for news updates and breaking news as it happens. find me on twitter and
1:57 pm
instagram, @richardlui, facebook @rlui. have a safe memorial day ahead. joy reid is next. have a great night.
1:58 pm
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julie calls it her "new" normal. because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one-prescribed, fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. while you said you didn't see any smoking gun on collusion, how close is the line is that in your mind? >> well, it certainly arouses the -- arouses your concern about what's going on. given, you know, russia, at least for my money, is our primary adversary. they are not our friends. they are in to do us in. i say as well, chuck, we have kind of a time-honored custom in this country that we have one president, one administration, at a


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